Dear Friends,

As Election Day approaches, it grows harder and harder to wait for the results, and to sit with what we don't yet know about the days ahead.

Here is where prayer can ground us.  When we face the limits of what we can do in the moment, we speak aloud how we want to be and become.

Here is my prayer for this historic day before us:

May our votes voice our values.
May they be cast with dignity.
May the outcry be indisputable.
And may we rebuild our world out of compassion and justice.

May we brace ourselves for extended uncertainty.
May we draw strength from all who have stood up and spoken up.
And may we support one another to stay safe and connected.

The 2020 election is here, and no longer overwhelmingly far away.
Here we are.
Even with all that remains unknowable, we give thanks:

Thank You, Eternal God, Force of Life:
You gift each precious life,
You give us the strength to take on challenges small and large,
And You move us through each day, week, month and year –
never speeding up, never slowing down the passage of time –
Until we arrive at this very moment.

Sending love, strength, and hope,
Rabbi Bethie Miller

Upcoming Circles & Gatherings
Sanctuary is here to help us stay grounded, supported and connected, especially as the weather grows colder.  We all deserve communal moments to look forward to!

Family Nature Circle - Fall Edition
Because there are so many connections to find in nature. 

A small cohort of families (kids ages 5-9) will join together for a series of 3 outdoor gatherings at different nature centers in Westchester.  We had so much fun during the holidays that we're starting up again this Saturday.  Details here

Chanukah Family Gathering with local author
Because these are the days to spread light.
Saturday, December 12th @ 10:30a

Circles in Formation for ZOOM:
• Becoming a Soulful Parent
• Genesis: Ancient Stories for the Modern Family
• Mother-Daughter Podcast Circle


Support for Sanctuary

We are grateful for the continued support we receive from UJA-Federation of New York, PJ Library/Harold Grinspoon Foundation, and personal donations.

Sanctuary is a project of Beloved Builders Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


We all need Sanctuary, because we are only human.
We are wholly human, and we need each other to survive.