I hope you are doing OK, and finding sources of calm and connection that bring some relief.

This week I have struggled to find words to describe this place we're in, and seem to have settled on intense, scary, surreal and overwhelming.

As Shabbat arrives, I wanted to reach out and share some other words, too.

Unlike our monthly and annual cycles, our weekly cycle has no parallel in the natural world.  Somehow our ancient ancestors had the wisdom to punctuate the rhythm of their daily lives so that not every day would be the same.

They understood that every 7th day, we should shift our habits in order to bring much needed shifts to our hearts, heads and souls.  They understood that on the 7th day, we should shift away from doing, and focus on being and breathing.

This week we all would benefit from setting apart this 7th day in some way.  The Sabbath Manifesto has 10 suggestions, including eating bread, lighting candles, and avoiding technology.  I'd lovingly invite us all to start with one new shift, and see how that feels.

I am filled with gratitude for all the friends who joined on Zoom to meditate, to read stories, and to make challah together this week.  Thank you, thank you.  We'll have more opportunities next week.

Praying for everyone's health and safety.

Sending out Shabbat peace, love and light,
Rabbi Bethie Miller

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We all need Sanctuary, because we are only human.
We are wholly human, and we need each other to survive.