Shanah Tovah!

As we enter the new year, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Sanctuary!

Sanctuary is an open community for individuals, families, and anyone curious to explore how Jewish wisdom can ground and inspire modern living.  We are bringing Jewish life into our homes and into the world, because that is where relationships become real.

WHY?  Our mission is to construct human-scale space that is sacred: set apart from the hectic pace of our daily lives, and dedicated to forming, holding and deepening connections.

Building Sanctuary will give us the time and space to connect to our bodies and souls, to form genuine, mutual relationships, and to work together to bring much needed justice and peace to the world.

As an incubator for choice, change and creativity, Sanctuary is part of a growing movement to reimagine how we gather as Jews in the 21st Century.

HOW?  Sanctuary weaves together Jewish community through Circles and Gatherings.  Circles are small, and meet regularly around a shared interest, like yoga, cooking, or social justice.  Gatherings are larger, and offer a modern take on Shabbat and holidays.

We will meet in homes, restaurants and other locations, as we envision a new kind of space where we can cook and eat, stretch and breathe, learn and pray, and advocate for justice together.  

I hope you will join us on our opening weekend - October 25th & 26th (click on each event below for more details and to sign up):

→ Friday Afternoon Yoga Circle
​→ Shabbat Dinner Gathering at Maple & Rose 
→ Shabbat Afternoon Gathering with PJ Library at the Sheldrake Environmental Center

I look forward to collaborating with you as Sanctuary emerges and grows in the months and years ahead.

May it be a good and sweet new year,
Rabbi Bethie Miller

I’m sending this announcement to my ongoing collaborators who have met me for coffee, lunch or a quick conversation on the street as the idea of Sanctuary has become a reality.  Thank you!

I also hope you’ll forward this to friends who you think would be a good match for Sanctuary – people who are looking for something just like Sanctuary but don’t yet know it exists!

Circles in Formation...

• Family Cooking
• Political Activism
• Becoming a Soulful Parent
• Reading our Roots
• Meditation as Daily Prayer

Circles place our modern passions, questions and yearnings in dialogue with Jewish wisdom.  What kind of Circle do you seek?  Perhaps we can create it together.

Support for Sanctuary

We are grateful for the early support we’ve received from UJA-Federation of New York, PJ Library, and personal donations. 

Sanctuary is a project of Beloved Builders Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


We all need Sanctuary, because we are only human.
We are wholly human, and we need in each other to survive.